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About Us

A bunch of us in the SofTutor Innovation Center here at where talking about the bad economy and thinking about ideas to help.

We decided to see if we could build a profitable ad generated revenue model (profitable by our standards is more red bull, mountain dew, coffee ... and pay for the servers and bandwidth of course) But if this site works enough to add staff hours we'll clean it up and start reediting the 1200+ videos, we can use to make it work better for everyone. Who knows we may even modify SofTutor OnLine to make an ad based version of that and maybe even all ad based. But you gotta start some where. In the mean time it's free for you to help during the weak economy and if you don't mind spending 200 - 800% more time learning then this is for you! If time is important we would recommend buying the proper softutor product with out adds.

Who knows what we'll come up with next ... oh yah we do!

BTW - If you have content you want to share, send us a link and we may use your stuff, feel free to watermark your videos and we'll give you a self promotion block on the page to help sell your skills to others. send us email to: freecadtraining at gmail dot com

If you are having trouble watching these videos upgrade to the latest windows media player anything above wmp 9 should work.

Sorry mac and unix users although if we do a free moodle, gimp or something like that we'll think of you!